Outreach and Local Education
Every day in Lorain County, we provide reliable information that helps keep you, your friends, and your family stay safe and healthy.
Contact us at 440-322-7526, extension 119, if you are interested in having FPS speak to your group. Our presentations are always medically accurate and age appropriate.

A FPS staff person can provide presentations on a variety of topics, including:
• Anatomy
• Puberty
• Birth Control including IUDs and implants
• Sexually transmitted infections, including HIV

A presentation can be held in a variety of settings including public and private schools, alternative learning centers, places of worship, juvenile detention and adult incarceration, treatment centers, colleges and universities, group homes, community centers, and social service organizations.

We also participate in many community events, such as health fairs, to build awareness of and access to reproductive healthcare and the community services available to HIV+ individuals.

At our main facility in Elyria, FPS maintains a center with reproductive health-related pamphlets, videos/DVDs, books and contraceptive kits. Students and educators can obtain pamphlets and borrow videos, books, and kits for classroom activities or projects. Call us at 440-322-7526, ext. 119 if you wish to obtain some materials.