Testing, Prevention, and Intervention
In collaboration with community partners, FPS now offers services to individuals who are HIV+. These services include Early Intervention Services, and medical transportation assistance. In addition, FPS offers free rapid confidential HIV testing to all members of the community on Thursdays between 9am-11:30am.

Rapid HIV Testing
The rapid HIV test is done in the clinic by taking a small blood sample from the tip of the finger. The results are ready within 10 minutes.

Comprehensive Risk Reduction Counseling
This service is offered to those who are HIV+ as well as those who are engaged in high-risk sexual behaviors.

Early Intervention Services
This service is for those who are newly diagnosed with HIV who are in need of medical care as well as linkage to community resources and support.

For more information contact The Outreach Coordinator at 440-322-7526 x119