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June 9 - 15th is National MenÕs Health Week!  Men need sexual health check-ups, too.

MenÕs sexual health needs may not be as obvious as womenÕs, but they are just as important.  A sexually active man should see his health care provider or urologist for periodic check-ups. 

During your check-up, your provider will generally examine the penis, testicles and scrotum; check for hernias; and make sure you know how to perform a testicular self-exam to detect lumps and bumps that may be cancerous.

Most providers wonÕt automatically test for sexually transmitted infections- you have to ask.  To test for infections, the provider may take a sample of blood, urine and/or use a swab to collect discharge from the urethra or anus.

Talk to your provider about how often you should have sexual health check-ups. The need will vary depending on what kind of health risks you may be taking and what risk factors you may have for testicular cancer.

FPS provides family planning services to men giving them birth control and information on sexually transmitted infections.  We can also provide men with a limited exam as well as STI testing and treatment.  To make an appointment, please telephone our call center at 440-322-7526.