In these challenging economic times, your support truly makes a difference.


While we receive funding from a number of sources, these funds are not sufficient to meet the demand for our services.  That is why our donors make such a difference!


Since the majority of our patients lives in poverty and has limited resources, your help is invaluable. Here is an example of someone who will benefit from your support of FPS:


 I am a single mom without health insurance.  I work part-time and go to LCCC part-time.  I am so happy to have an organization like FPS in Lorain County.  I obtain birth control and other medical care at FPS and they have very reasonable rates that I can afford.  I donÕt know what IÕd do without your organization.


Please consider a donation at whatever level is comfortable for you.  Every dollar helps.  All donations are fully tax-deductible.  Remember to save all documentation of your donation, so you may claim your contribution on your tax return.


You may make a donation online (see below), by phone (call 440-322-7526, ext 109) or through the mail (FPS, 602 Leona Street, Elyria, OH 44034). Your gift will help make a big difference in the life of someone we serve.  On behalf of the many thousands of patients we serve, thank you for considering a gift to FPS.


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